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Tradingpost2go - The GuildWars2 Tradingpost in your pocket!

Have you ever asked yourself if you got your desired Item when you're not near your PC? Tradingpost2go is your solution: Keep an eye on your buys/sells and your personal Tradingpost statistics on your iOS-Device1:

  • Check actual buy- and sell-orders
  • Check history of buy- and sell-orders
  • Get notifications if you bought or sold Items2
  • Set personal price alarms and get notified if an Itemprice drops below or rises above your desired price
  • Get personal Tradingpost statistics for a personal choosen time-period (24 hours to 90 days)

... and more coming, if the GuildWars2-API endpoins provide more functionality.

All you need is to own a copy of Guildwars2 and generate a personal API-Key with the permission to get your Tradingpost data. You can generate your personal API-Key via https://account.guildwars2.com/account/api-keys. Be sure, that you have checked the "tradingpost"-permission. Now you can press the QR-Code-Button (next to your API-Key) to get the API-QR-Code and scan it with your TP2Go-App.

Now in the AppStore:

Tradingpost2go in the AppStore

Statistics-View: Get your personal tradingpost-statistics for a specific time-interval (24 hours to 90 days)
My Buys
Buys/Sells: See your buy- and sell-orders plus your last bought and sold items.
Price Alerts
Price alerts: Set personal pricealert for desired items and get notified if the itemprice hits your alert.

1 Currently only an iPhone-Version is available in the AppStore. You can use the iPhone-Version on your iPad too (upscaled version).
2 To get Notifications for sold and bought items, you must activate this option via the "Settings"-Tab.

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